About AGSN

The Australian Galactosaemia Support Network is a non-profit institution set up to support the treatment of galactosaemia.

Chris and Sonia Bishop came up with the idea to start the Australian Galactosaemia Support Network when their daughter Holly (who has classic galactosaemia) was 1 year old.

After dealing with the shock of Holly’s diagnosis and starting to deal with everyday living with a child that has galactosaemia, it became very obvious there was no clear information available for Australians other than that from medical institutions. The AGSN was created to help the next family that goes through this experience by providing clear information and advice.

The current trustees of the Australian Galactosaemia Support Network are:

1.     Chris Bishop

Between his busy family life, his involvement with the AGSN and his day job as a banking and finance lawyer, Chris still manages to find time to indulge his passion for sports, in particular Australian Rules Football. Chris has a strong desire to see continued research being undertaken for the benefit of all people living with galactosaemia.

2.     Sonia Bishop

Sonia is a proud mum and is passionate about discovering ways to better manage and understand the galactosaemia diet. Sonia also has a strong interest in promoting understanding and raising awareness of galactosaemia in the community. Sonia has professional experience in the recruitment industry.

3.     Hamish Bills

Hamish is a civil engineer and has a strong interest in helping raise the profile of galactosaemia in the community as well as supporting research to help us better understand the condition. Hamish is a keen footballer and enjoys keeping fit in his spare time.

4.     Byron Webster

As a successful small business owner, Byron brings a wealth of knowledge to the AGSN. Outside of his involvement with the AGSN and his business interests, Byron spends much of his time surfing, playing tennis and enjoying time with his family.

5.     Carly Alleway

Carly is a mother of three (two of whom have galactosaemia) and is an active member of the Australian galactosaemia community.  She has a particular passion for fundraising and has helped to raise significant amounts of money on behalf of the AGSN.  Carly also has strong relationships with many other people and families living with galactosaemia.

6.      Michelle Bishop

Michelle is a passionate and proud grandparent who has made a significant contribution to the AGSN since its inception.  She has enjoyed learning about galactosaemia and is committed to helping the AGSN achieve its goals.

All of the trustees commit their time to the AGSN on an entirely voluntary basis.

Legal Information

The Trustee for the Australian Galactosaemia Support Network has been endorsed as a health promotion charity and a deductible gift recipient by the Australian Tax Office.  Our ABN is 82 482 037 858.

The Trustees for the Australian Galactosaemia Support Network are neither medical, nor science professionals and do not accept responsibility for any of the medical or other information posted on this website.  Although due care has been taken in the preparation of this website, the trustees recommend that you discuss the content of this site with your medical team and family before taking any particular course of action.  The trustees are, however, always more than happy to discuss anything of interest or receive input and comments from the wider community.

A copy of the Deed of Trust establishing the AGSN can be obtained by contacting the trustees.  The trustees have appointed Geoff Davis and Associates as the auditor of the trust and the financial statements of the trust will be audited annually.  When available, copies of the audited financial statements can also be obtained by contacting the trustees.

The trustees acknowledge the support of Fisher Jeffries Barristers and Solicitors and Alliance Software who have generously provided assistance to establish the trust and this website.