Fundraising & Research


The AGSN has at times raised money for the purpose of supporting research.  More details of the research being proposed is set out below.


Australia is home to many talented and dedicated medical research teams. The AGSN is proud to support these teams as they strive to better understand and treat galactosaemia.

One current project focusses on research into prelinguistic speech and language development in children with galactosaemia.  Starting in Queensland it is hoped this project will be rolled out Australia wide.  The aim of the project is to help identify how children with galactosaemia develop differently to other children and to improve early intervention where required in children with galactosaemia.

Another potential project involves looking at Tractography in galactosaemia patients.  Tractography is a specialised MRI scanner that can detect neural tract abnormalities.  It is currently used in relation to other genetic conditions and the researchers believe that using it to look into galactosaemia could be of real benefit.  The aim of the project would be to understand as fully as possible how the brain is wired in people with galactosaemia.  This project is currently unfunded and is one project the AGSN is hoping to support.

Regular updates of current progress and potential new research programs will be posted on this site when permitted by the research teams.

If you would like to discuss the research supported by the AGSN in more detail please contact us.